Yanming Magazine [1987-88]

Editorial Preface to Close Yanming

Articles published in Democratic China Monthly 1989-92

Attending the 1989 Paris Minzhen Conference
A Thought at Chishui River
On Travel
1980 Qinghua Student Association Election
Democracy Movement and Independent Personality
On Morality and History
A Letter to Mr. Li Tieying
Attending 1990 Japanese Sociology Conference
Future and Development Study Group at Qinghua
A Sociological Analysis of Qinghua University
Social Democracy and China's Future
Chinese Social Form: Note 1
Chinese Social Form: Note 2
Chinese Social Form: Note 3
Chinese Spiritual Crisis
State Power and Anarchism
A Dialog with Bakunin
Social movement, or Political Struggle?
Saluting Professor Horigawa
Radicalism in the Totalitarian Society
The natural character and social character of human rights
Japan's Human Rights Policy toward China
Japan's Policy of the New World Order
Suzuki on the Chinese Revolution
Human Rights and Sovereignty
Criminal Punishments Should not Become Governmental Tools
The 6th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Incident in Tokyo
My First Trip to the U.S.
Trip Back to Beijing in 1994
The System of Modern Societies
Visiting Lenin's Tomb
China's Nationalism and Democracy

Writings not Available Online [in Chinese]

Research on the political consciousness survey of Chinese overseas students, Yan Ming, November 1987, Osaka
Japan's social stratification, Overseas Youth, 1988, Osaka
A critique on Japan's China policy, Tansuo, March 1992, New York USA
Nationalism and democracy of China, Democratic China, September 1992, Tokyo
Report about Amnesty International in Japan, Asia's New Wave, May 1993, Nagoya
Understanding Japan Communist Party, Sun Miu, March 1994, Hong Kong
A new interpretation on sovereignty, Newsletter of FCDP, April 1994, Hong Kong
An essay on China's contemporary foreign business affairs, October Review, December 1994, Hong Kong
Discussion on state forms, Democratic China, January 1995, Tokyo

Writings not Available Online [in Japanese]

Japan's role in the contemporary international affairs, Excellent prize of Forum' 89 Competition, Ministery of Foreign Affairs of Japan
Measuring social status, Annual Human Science, March 1990, Osaka University
A history of Social-democracy and China's future, Daybreak, July 1990, Kyoto
Book review for [The Undercurrent of Contemporary China], Sociology, October 1990, Kyoto University
Social mobility of Japanese local assemblymen, Research report on local assemblymen, February 1991, Kinki Jichi kenkyukai, Japan
Investigation on social characters of Japanese local assemblymen, Annual Human science, April 1991, Osaka