U.S.-Japanese Relations List of Links

Japan Basic Defense Guidelines (1957.5.20)
The First of Two Japan Defense Policy Documents
US-Japan Security Treaty (1960.6.23)
The Core Treaty of US-Japanese Alliance
Yoshida Letter (1951.12.18)
It was said that under the U.S. pressure,...
U.S. Forces, Japan Facilities Facts
Especially of Okinawa
SOFA related Japanese laws
There are about 70 domestic laws created to implement SOFA
Japan Consitution (Preface and Chapter 2)
The famous "Item Nine" is here
Mutual Defense Agreement (MSA), 1954.5.1
This MSA itself is not used but some MSA related agreements are still valid.
Defense Guidelines, 1995 November 28
The second Japanese defense policy guidelines
Status of U.S. Forces Agreement (SOFA)
Without reading SOFA, one cannot talk about U.S.-Japanese relations
U.S.-Japan Defense Guidelines (Nov. 27, 1978)
This is the first one, for the comparison with the second one
U.S.-Japan Defense Guidelines (Sept. 23, 1997)
The new one, superseding the 1978 guidelines.
Local Governments against the new Guidelines


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