Book review of _BLUE HORIZON: US-Japan-PRC Tripartite Relations: Jing Zhao Reviewed for H-US-JAPAN
An Essay: My First U.S. Visit in 1995, by Jing Zhao (in Chinese B5)
TMD in Japan, by Takashima (trans. in Chinese B5)
Japan's Temporary Job Market, by Take (trans. in Chinese B5)
Democracy as a U.S. Foreign Policy Tool, by Jing Zhao (in Chinese B5)
Hiroshima Highschool Principal Suicide: (trans. in Chinese B5)
Book Review of _Asia After Miracle_, edited by Harrison and Prestowitz: Is a new Asia Policy Possible? by Jing Zhao
Review of Japan's Recent Three Defense-guidelines Laws, by Jing Zhao (in Chinese B5)
From the 1989 Tiananmen Incident to the 1999 Kosovo Crisis: On the Eve of the Tenth Anniversary, by Jing Zhao
Review of Japanese Government 1999 Budget, by Toyama Yutaki (trans. in Chinese B5)
How Did the Japanese Government Handle the Economic Crisis, by Hirai Junichi (trans. in Chinese B5)
A Protest Letter against IOC from Nagano: (a ranslation in Chinese B5)
US-Japan-China involvement regarding Ryukyu/Okinawa, by Robert D. Eldridge
Anarchism as an Element of Our Time's Heritage, by Jing Zhao
Socialist Labor Party of America: A Field Report (in Chinese B5)
Japanese Literature History Review: the 1930s, by Danchu Goro (translation in Chinese B5)
Comparing Falun Gong and Soka Gakkai, by Jing Zhao
A Case Study of Sino-American Education Exchange: (in Chinese B5)
Indonesia DPP on East Timor: (trans. in Chinese B5)
Kansai Airport's Five Years: (trans. in Chinese B5)
The Japanese Communist Party Shifting Rightist: from Sazanami Tsushin
The WTO Deal and China's Future, by Jing Zhao
A New Trend of Japanese Emperor's Role as "State Head", by Junichi HIrai (trans. in Chinese B5)
On Japan's New Pension Law, by Yoshikazu Takashima (trans. in Chinese B5)

The Japanese Communist Party and the June 4th Incident of 1989, by Jing Zhao, "Sino-Japanese Studies" Vol.12, No.2, 1999