The world’s three largest economies - the U.S., China and Japan - have become strategically interdependent to an unprecedented degree. Each of these powers is increasingly sensitive to changes in the capabilities and policies of the others. To understand the global significance of contemporary developments in the Asia/Pacific region requires multilingual, inter-disciplinary knowledge and experience.
In 1997, a small group of Chinese researchers, scientists, economists and engineers with studying and working experience in Japan, residing mainly in Silicon Valley, founded the US-Japan-China Comparative Policy Research Institute (CPRI), an independent think tank focusing on comparative social, cultural, economical, political, and industrial policy issues. CPRI is the only think tank in the world to independently, specifically and comprehensively review and analyze the dynamic tri-fold interactions unfolding among the U.S., Japan and China. CPRI has established international networks, exchanges and cooperation with related institutes and individuals in the U.S., Japan, the greater China, and other regions. Among CPRI’s tasks is the introduction of less noticed, yet vital issues in one language to readers of the other languages in this trio of nations. Japan's National Institute for Research Advancement listed CPRI in its "World Directory of Think Tanks" 2005 Edition.
CPRI issues Comparative Policy Review, an annual collection of CPRI’s published writings, in print until 2008. Since 2008 CPRI has edited and published books in Chinese, English and Japanese.
CPRI also provides public lectures and articles, and media interviews through international and local San Francisco Bay Area channels. CPRI participates in educational institutes, magazines and international research institutes, such as H-Net, Sino-Japanese Studies, Spain's Contemporary History Association, and Japan's Research Commission on the Constitution. CPRI also provides inter-disciplinary strategic service in international trade, comparative industry policy, Asia Pacific cooperation, humanitarian tasks, and democracy & human/civil rights movement. CPRI welcomes cooperation with other individuals or institutes with similar missions.
CPRI was incorporated in California as a non-profit educational public benefit corporation between 2002-2016 and was granted tax-exempt 501(c)(3) NPO status by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the U.S. Treasury Department.
Since 2016, CPRI has published translations and commentaries of 1-Hinduism (including Buddhism), 2-Greek classics, 3-British history, 4-Roman history, 5-Renaissance, 6-Jewish history, 7-Christianity, 8-Central Asia history, 9-Russian history with the innovative Chinese Phonetic Elements (CPE) methodology.

Issue I, 1996-97: (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Issue II, 1998 Issue III, 1999 Issue IV, 2000 Issue V, 2001 Issue VI, 2002 Issue VII, 2003 Issue VIII, 2004 Issue IX, 2005: (San Jose, California) Issue X, 2006: (San Jose & San Ramon, California) Issue XI, 2007: (San Ramon, California) Issue XII, 2008: (Dublin, California) Issue XIII, 2009: (San Ramon, California)
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Blog in Chinese since October 2012: (Canada)
Issue XVII, 2013: (San Ramon & Pittsburg, California) Issue XVIII, 2014: (Pittsburg, California)
Issue XX, 2015, Issue XXI, 2016: (Bay Point, California)
Issue XXII 2017: (Bay Point & Concord, California)
Issue XXIII 2018, Issue XXIV 2019, Issue XXV 2020: (Concord, California)
Issue XXVI 2021: (Concord, California)

Chinese Phonetic Elements Series
Translating Classic Indian Civilization (hard print) & PDF download
Classic Greek Translation (hard print) & PDF download
British History Study and Translation (hard print) & PDF download
Roman History Translation and Commentaries (hard print) & PDF download
Renaissance Translation and Commentaries (hard print) & PDF download
Jewish History Translation and Commentaries (hard print) & PDF download
Christianity Translation, Commentaries and Study (hard print) & PDF download
Central Asia Civilization and South of China's Culture Translation and Review & PDF download
Russia: Translation and Study & PDF download
American History translation and commentaries PDF download

Publications without using Chinese Phonetic Elements
Anarchism V. 4 (Chinese)
Corporate Governance Accountability & Social Responsibility (Chinese & English), PDF download
Shareholder Proposals: The Archimedes Lever of a Social Gadfly, PDF download
Freedom as the Base of Social Order (Chinese)
American Political & Economical Review (Chinese & English)
Socialism by Max Weber Chinese translation
Social-democracy as a model for China's transformation by Jing Zhao in Chinese
Chinese Social Reviews V. 4 (hard print) in Chinese PDF download
US-Japan-China Research & Review (hard print) A collection between 1990 to 2008 in Japanese
China and Japan: Research and Review (hard print) A collection between 1996 to 2008
US-Japan-China Comparative Review (hard print) A collection between 1998 to 2009
US-Japan Alliance and its Interactions with China in Chinese
Japanese Politics Review (hard print) in Chinese PDF download
The Anarchist Lesson from the Spanish Civil War (hard print) in Chinese PDF download
The Unknown Russian Revolution (hard print) in Chinese PDF download
The German Ideas on Anarchist Social Order (hard print) in Chinese PDF download
The Chicago Haymarket Anarchists (in Chinese)

Anarchism Classics in Chinese
Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist by Berkman; Memoirs of a Revolutionary by Kropotkin; The Conquest of Bread by Kropotkin; Ethics by Kropotkin; Anarchists Vanzetti and Sacco ; Chinese Anarchist Archives, Hard print.
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