A Background of the Movie on Tojo, by Jing Zhao (in Chinese B5)
A book review on Akaha: Northeast Asia, by Jing Zhao for Journal of Chinese Political Science
California Democratic Party State Convention: An Observation, by Jing Zhao
From the June 4th 1989 Incident to the March 18 2000 Taiwan Election, by Jing Zhao
Celebrating the End of Japan's Discriminative Finger-print System, (translation in Chinese B5)
Japan Police Corruption, by Yoshikazu Takahashi, (translation in Chinese GB)
Okinawa Report, by Junichi Hirai, (translation in Chinese GB)
Yomiuri Revising Japan's Peace Constituion, by Yoshikazu Takahashi, (translation in Chinese GB)
On the "Okinawa Initiative", by Kenji Kunitomi (translation in Chinese GB)
Book Review of _Our Messages_, reviewed by Victor Fic
Thoughts on our Stance of the Taiwan Issue (in Chinese GB), by Jing Zhao
New Trends on Japanese History Textbooks, translated by Kerui Feng (in Chinese GB)
Book review of Clough: Cooperation or Conflict in the Taiwan Strait?, by Jing Zhao