The Jewish Problem in Russia and the Soviet Union by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
Labor Party Impression by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
Book Review on North Korea Refugees by Tatsuyama Goro (trans. in Chinese)
The Recent Death Incident and the US-POK SOFA (trans. in Chinese)
Is the POK Flag the Symbol of Korean Nation? (trans. in Chinese)
On Chen Duxiu by Jing Zhao (Chinese GB)
On Hu Jintao Chinese Community Forum by Jing Zhao
Seeking Death or Waiting to Die? by Jing Zhao
On Japan's Bank Systeem Ill by Yoshikazu Takashima (trans. in Chinese)
The American Anti-war Movement by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
The Case of Wang Bingzhang by Jing Zhao
Think About Quality Management, Again by Jing Zhao
The End of Japan's UN-based Foreign Policy by Jing Zhao
An Open Letter to Japanese Anti-war Activists by Jing Zhao
Annual Meeting of Stockholders: two cases as two types by Jing Zhao
A Public Letter to US Congressman Kucinich Chinese Community Forum by Jing Zhao
What is the Use of the Japanese Sociology? by Jing Zhao
The Iraqi Lesson by Jing Zhao
The Lesson of the June 4th Incident by Jing Zhao
Unemployment Redefined by Jing Zhao
The California 2003 October Election by Jing Zhao
H-Net Book Review of Thornton's Fire on the Rim by Jing Zhao
Kucinich Announcement for President (trans. in Chinese)
Japan's Africa Aid Had Strings Attached by Victor Fic
A Life for Freedom Anarchist Augustin Souchy's Autobiography (Reviewed in Chinese)
On Machiavelli by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
On Democratic Party's Presidential Candidates by Jing Zhao (in Japanese)
On Kropotkin by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
On Japan's November Election Result by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
On Japan's November Election by Jing Zhao
A Letter to Japanese Friends of Peace by Jing Zhao
The Japanese Supreme Court's Misjudgement by Matsumoto (trans. in Chinese)
Kucinich's Policy on Ten Issues (trans. in Japanese)

On March 15, 2003 Jing Zhao was named "Outstanding Immigrant" from Santa Clara county, California.
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Jing Zhao, Ph.D., is a former marketing manager at Anasift Technology who also worked as a software engineer to certify Adobe’s printer products. He is the owner of Darnell Transpacific, an industrial equipment export business to Asia, and President of the US-Japan-China Comparative Policy Research Institute. CPRI is the only think tank in the world to independently review and analyze relations between the United States, Japan, and China.