Chinese Anarchism Collection introduction to Anarcho-Syndicalist Review by Jing Zhao
Radio Free Asia: Scholar Jing Zhao's solution to the Sino-Japanese Diaoyu/Senkaku disputes
Okinawa's Past and Future, by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
Wu Fangcheng'e Memorial, by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
State Politics is War's Continuation, by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
Let's write Obama President to nominate a new Ambassador to Japan
Utilities Corporate Governance: the case of PG&E, by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
On the so-called Revolution in Military Affairs, by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
The Successful Case of MEMC Corporate Governance Proposal, by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
The Obama-Xi G2 Meeting and facebook shareholders Meeting, by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
The Anarchist Snowden, by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
Go Navy! by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
Promoting Human Rights with Microsoft, by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
Syndicalism Made American Unions Strong, by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
Visiting Chen Duxiu's Last Residence in Jiangjin, by Jing Zhao in Chinese
China Impression, by Jing Zhao in Chinese
The Universal Messages from Sufism, by Jing Zhao in Chinese

Proposal to H-P Shareholders Meeting in 2013 by Jing Zhao
H-P's Letter to Jing Zhao
H-P Board Statement Opposing Jing Zhao's Proposal
Jing Zhao's Reply to HP Board Statement
H-P 2013 Shareholders Meeting Proxy with Jing Zhao's #6 human rights proposal
NY Times report on H-P's Supply Chain Policy Change in China
Promoting Human Rights Policy for H-P by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
Promoting Human Rights Policy at H-P Shareholders Meeting by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
RFA Report on HP Shareholders Meeting (in Chinese)

Proposal to Goldman Sachs Group Shareholders Meeting in 2013 by Jing Zhao
Improving Goldman Sachs Group Human Rights Policy by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
Goldman Sachs Group to SEC to exclude shareholder's human rights proposal
Jing Zhao to the SEC to deny Goldman Sachs
SEC letter to Goldman Sachs and Jing Zhao showing that American democracy is functioning
Goldman Sachs Board's Misleading Statement against Jing Zhao's Proposal using the same failed baseless reasons
Goldman Sachs 2013 Shareholders Meeting Proxy Notice with Item 5 on human rights committee proposal
Goldman Sachs Shareholder Proposal Kicks off June Fourth 24th Anniversary Memories by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
Item No. 5 Human Rights Proposal received 4% approval at the shareholders meeting

Proposal to Yahoo Shareholders Meeting in 2013 by Jing Zhao
Yahoo Board's Opposition Statement
CPRI Statement of Independence by CPRI Secretary
190,160,392 shares (32%) voted for the proposal only 68% against the Shareholder Proposal Regarding Social Responsibility Report
Make Corporate Socially Responsible, by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)

Proposal to Oracle Shareholders Meeting in 2013 by Jing Zhao
Oracle Shareholders Meeting Proposal Number 5, by Jing Zhao
Occupy Oracle Shareholders Meeting, by Jing Zhao in Chinese

Jing Zhao to Apple on the unfair 2013 shareholders meeting
Apple's unfair 2013 shareholders meeting by Jing Zhao (in Chinese)
Jing Zhao to Al Gore

CPRI Corporate Social Responsibility Index Version 1.2