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Mr. Feng received BA in Chinese Literature from Shanghai Normal University and MA in Japanese Literature from Ryukoku University, Koyto, he also studied at Kyoto University.

He worked as a farmer in Jiangxi Province where he received Excellent Youth Award in 1973. He became a high school teacher then administrative officer in Shanghai where he received Propagation Star Award in 1986 and Excellent Teacher Award in 1989.

When he lived in Japan between 1991-96, besides studying Japanese Literature, he was a reporter of _International Stusent News_, a Chinese lecturer of IMEX Language Institute, and an interpreter of Daikei Ltd., a manager of Ryusanso International Student Apartment, and president of Ryukoku University's Chinese Student Association.

Since 1982, Feng has published hundreds articles in newspapers and periodicals and co-authored books such as _Autobiography of 104 Active Chinese in Japan_, _How Chinese See Japan_, _How Overseas Chinese See China_.

Between July to August 1983, he rode a bicycle 38 days traveling 1500 miles along east China coast.

After studying at Santa Barbara City College, he is now a graduate student at Old Dominion University (

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