Dr. Dachuan Lei

Beijing, China

Email: leidachuan819@163.com


Dr, Lei worked at Siping Municipal Bureau of Personnel in Jilin province, Jilin Academy of Social Sciences, Liaoning Normal University, Institute of Political Science CASS Beijing, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing.
He has published several articles and three books:
The Study on the spirit of “Spiritual Transcendence from Music” (STM)of Pre-Qin Period and the Chinese political tradition of respecting “Culture”, Taiwan Hua Mulan Culture Press.
Previous Dynasties: The Three Kingdoms of East Han Dynasty, Economic Daily Press (The first of two co-authors).
The Border Conflict and Border Negotiation Research of the Northeast in Puppet Manchuria Period, Heilongjiang People's Press (the second of four co-authors).

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