A letter to Hashimoto from Japanese citizens: Stop sending the Self-Defense Forces Airplanes to Thailand! (trans. in Chinese GB)
Book review of Asai Motofumi _The Choice of Japan_: Japan and UN Security Council: Reviewed for Chinese Political Science Association USA
The Bankruptcy of Japan's "Third Section", by Taguchi Kiichiro: Translation from Umitsubame Weekly (in Chinese GB)
Book review of Chii Kyotei (Status of U.S. Forces in Japan Agreement): Reviewed for H-USA
From June 4, 1989 to September 23, 1997 : A review of the recent U.S.-Japanese Security Guidelines
Book review of Matsuda Takeshi: U.S.-Japanese Relations: Reviewed for H-USA
Book review of Asai Motofumi: The Choice of the Giant Japan: (in Chinese B5)
Trotsky and Soviet Union's Science, by Sasaki Chikara: (in Chinese B5)
The U.S. pressure to Japan's economic policy, by Takashima Yoshikazu (in Chinese B5)
The So-called "Hoppo Ryoto" Mondai (Northern Territory Issue): (in Chinese B5)
A Critique of Shii: On his talk with _The World_ (trans. in Chinese B5)
A Declaration from "One Tsubo Land Owners": Hear their voices directly
The New Defense Guidelines and the Coming Emergency Act: Japan is in danger! (trans. in Chinese B5)
Chinese Overseas Theological Politics, by Jing Zhao (in Chinese B5)
Witness at Chiapas, by Bill Hackwell: (translation in Chinese B5)

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