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Dr. Jing Zhao, CPRI President

Jing Zhao graduated as No. 1 from Chongqing's best middle & high school (Nankai) in 1980 and studied Nuclear Physics at Tsinghua University in 1980-85. He studied Japanese at Dalian University For Foreign Studies and Law and Political Science at East China Normal University in 1985-86 (Shanghai). He received the only scholarship to study Sociology overseas from China's Education Ministry in 1985 and was the first student to receive Ph. D in Sociology at Osaka University in 1992. He was Research Fellow at Political Science Department of University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1995-97.
Jing Zhao worked in several Japanese and American companies (such as Dentsu Research, Adobe Systems). He has published hundreds of articles and ten books in Chinese, English, and Japanese. One of his essays received Excellent Prize from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan in 1989. As Chief Editor of Yan Ming in 1986-1987, he conducted a political consciousness survey of Chinese students in Japan which was widely reported by overseas Chinese media and became the "most serious political incident since Sino-Japanese normalization in 1972". He was co-editor H-JAPAN (1997-2000) and co-editor of H-US-JAPAN (1998-2002). He is co-founder and President of Humanitarian China (since 2007).
Jing Zhao has been active in democracy, human rights and international peace movements since 1980 when he participated in the one-time-only free election of university student association in China. In 1993, he was honoured "China's Conscience" for promoting democracy by Hong Kong's Patriotic Democracy Alliance. In 2003, Santa Clara County named him "Silicon Valley's Outstanding Immigrant." Since 2005, he has been engaged in corporate social responsibility (especially related to China and human rights) issues with American companies such as Yahoo, Google, Cisco, News and Chevron.

(The right building is North Hall, Political Science Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison.)