Larry Wu, a brief background

Full Name: Lawrence Fu-Shan Wu
I was born in Beijing on March 13, 1927.
Moved to Tsingtao 6 years later and grown up there.

Graduate of National Taiwan University, 1952 (BS in Agr. Engineering, Hydraulics)
Graduate of Marquette University, 1957 (BCE, Advanced Studies in Structural Eng.)
Graduate, University of Southern California, Graduate School, 1975 (MSSM)

Professional careers:
First Career: Professional Engineer. (active)
Second Career: Realtor, Licensed Real Estate Broker in the state of Virginia and the state of Maryland. (active)

Current Devotions:

My First devotion:
As a member of the Truth Council for WW II in Asia, AOHWA, and Global Alliance for Preservation of the True History of WW II in Asia, I strive to alert the citizens of the world to know the true history of WW II of the crimes committed by Japan, the atrocities of killing over 35,000,000 innocent and peace loving human beings, men, women, children and infants; the atrocities of raping millions of women of all ages; enslaving over 200,000 young women and young girls as sex slaves subject to gang rapes, torture and murder. I want the citizens of the world to know the evil and inhuman activities of the Japanese Army Unit 731, the biological warfare troop that developed the incurable diseases and used for mass murder of hundreds thousands of military and innocent civilians who had to face terrible death, diseases such as ANTHRAX, BUBONIC PLAQUE and over 50 other germs and virus. I want the world to know that Japan destroyed China's economy, along with 13 South East Asian countries and sent their citizens into REFUGEE status. Japan looted all the wealth off these countries. Japan has not returned any of it, to date. It is very clear that Japan has no intention of returning any of the treasures it robbed! I want the world to know the war crimes committed by the Japanese Military has been the worst in human history. I want the world to resolve that war must not repeat! Japan shall never be allowed to resume its militarism! American people must know that Another "Pearl Harbor" will inevitably occur again if Japan is allowed to rearm itself!!!!

My Second Devotion:
To build a memorial museum for the ignored and forgotten Asian Holocaust. The museum will be accompanied by a research institute for continued study and research the historical facts and public education.

My life long devotion: Fight until

1. Japan publicly admit what the war crimes it committed were wrong then apologies to all the victims and their families for the sufferings and losses it had caused.

2. Reparation to all the victims and their families for their losses caused by Japanese aggression.

3. Publicly promise that Japan will never conduct military aggression again!

Unless Japan express genuine remorse and accomplish the three conditions, 1 thru 3, above, there shall never be peaceful coexistence! Ever!


The most tragic fact is that our current administration and many legislative members of the United States of America have been heavily induced by special interest lobbyist who are blindly doing all they can for Japanese interests. They even go to the extent of selling out the former US POWs in favor of the Former Enemy, Japan. It is evident that Japan has firm control of the US Government, including the President!

Clarification: I have no hatred toward the Japanese people. They too suffered heavy losses under their ruler and a government of militarism. I believe all citizens of the world must live together in peace. Aggression by force is what we must all work together to prevent.

However, under my observation, Japan, under the current administration, has all the indications of preparing itself, once again, to wage war of aggression toward its' weak and unprepared neighboring countries.

Larry Wu, January 3, 2002.