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Here is CPRI's first research project, a book in Chinese of U.S.-Japanese relations.

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 0. Preface: (in Chinese B5)
 Chapter 1: The Base of U.S.-Japanese Relations: (in Chinese B5)
 Chapter 2: The Origins of the U.S.-Japanese Alliance: (in Chinese B5)
 Chapter 3: The Security Treaty (Ampo Joyaku): (in Chinese B5)
 Chapter 4: The Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA, Chiikyoutei) : (in Chinese B5)
 Chapter 5: The Omoiyari Budget: (in Chinese B5)
 Chapter 6: The Security Consultative Committee (SCC) : (in Chinese B5)
 Chapter 7: Under the New Internatioanl Trend: (in Chinese B5)
 Chapter 8: The Structural Change of Japanese Politics: (in Chinese B5)
 Chapter 9: The 1997 Defense Guidelines : (in Chinese B5)
 Chapter 10: The Coming Conflict: the U.S.-Japan Allaince vs. China: (in Chinese B5)

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